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Enhanced Grain

Moulded from timbers that are selected from oak boards for a textured look and feel, the Enhanced Grain collection's contemporary design accurately recreates the subtle nuances of natural wood. Each of the shades are slip-resistant and showcase their organic patinas beautifully

Board Width
RRP Per m2


RRP Per Board


Hand moulded & coloured

Skilfully hand-crafted to ensure a high quality, premium product

Natural wood look

Contemporary style replicates finer grain detail found in natural oaksplit resistant

Aesthetic variety

Range of colours offers wide choice in aesthetics and style maintenance

‘Lost head’ fixing

Durafix® fixings are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface

High slip resistance

Lower slip potential than timber due to the pliable Lastane® layer

Impact & weather resistant

Elastomeric surface ensures increased resilience against natural weathering

Wood & warp free

Non-timber composition prevents rot, warping and insect infestation

Soft-touch surface

Unique Lastane® layer means no splinters on the surface

Limed Oak 176mm
Weight per m2 (kg)
Dimensions (mm)
176 x 32 x 3600mm
Fixings per board
Boards per m2


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Frequently asked questions

    Our Durafix® stainless steel screws, designed specifically for Millboard must be used to fix our boards - this is a requirement of our limited warranty. There’s no need to pre-drill or countersink Millboard decking, and the unique Lastane® material coating flexes back over the screw-heads, leaving a minimal witness mark. This may be more visible on the lighter colours. Should some of the screws leave larger witness marks, these can be filled. Our installation guide should be followed at all times to achieve the best possible results.

    Millboard is designed and manufactured to provide the aesthetic beauty of real timber without the issues associated with real wood. We do not intend for the product to have identical shades. Buying all the Millboard decking you need at the same time should help to ensure that the colour is similar in consistency and we would recommend mixing the boards for the layout before installing to ensure the deck has a desired overall variance to showcase the products character and individuality.


    Samples are provided as a representation of the product and we would encourage customers to view full boards as part of a deck, in order to fully appreciate the product, prior to purchase.

    There will always be a slight variance in the board’s dimensions due to the fact that we mould from natural oak, and due to the pressure of the moulding process. Despite this, we calibrate the boards to maintain as consistent a profile as possible. The manufacturing tolerances are: Width: ± 3mm. Length: ± 5mm. Thickness: ± 2mm. The dimensions of the Weathered Oak style may vary more between moulds due to the fact that they are moulded from timeworn oak with minimal changes to the dimensions. When working with the boards, packers may be required to create a flush finish between two boards.

    From what to expect when you first unpack your Millboard, to aftercare tips and answers to all of your most common questions. Visit our FAQs page now for all of your Millboard related queries.

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