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Our fasteners are specifically designed to work with Millboard, sinking below the Lastane® surface to leave barely a trace.

FT35P100_DuraFix 35mm_FT45P250_DuraFix 45mm_FT60P250_DuraFix 60mm Screws.jpg
Fasteners 01


Our decking system is complemented by our unique Durafix screws. These hidden screws make installing Millboard straightforward. The Durafix screws can be used in two ways: through the face of the boards, or through the side of the boards using the DuoFix Guide. DuoFix provides a quick and easy fastening solution, leaving a clean, hidden finish. When screwing through the face of the boards there’s no need to pre-drill, countersink or use clips; simply screw the boards in accordance with our installation guide. Once the screws have been applied, the innovative Lastane coating on the board flexes back over the screw-heads, leaving a minimal witness mark. Made from A2 stainless steel, the screws have a self-cutting tip, six-point torx head, and are waxed for ease of use. Each box of Durafix® screws also includes a T15 hexshank driver bit. You will need around 22 screws for each length of Millboard decking for residential applications and 26 screws for commercial applications. To find out more, see our installation guides. Our Durafix® screws are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface on our composite decking boards, allowing you to obtain a near flawless finish in your projects that wouldn't be possible with other materials.

Product Code: FT60P250

Fasteners 02

Subframe hexhead screw

Our subframe screw screws make installing Millboard Plas-Pro subframes simple. With just a pre-drilled hole required, these heavy-duty coated hex flange head screws have a type 17 ‘gash’ point to reduce drive torque. They are also suitable for lumber subframe systems. Please note screw coating color may vary.

Product Code: FH90P050

Fasteners 03

DuoFix Spare Driver Bit Kit

When using the DuoFix Guide to align Durafix® screws into the side of our boards, the DuoFix Driver Bit is essential. As well as the complimentary DuoFix Driver Bit that comes packaged with the DuoFix Side-Fixing Guide the DuoFix Spare Driver Bit Kit is available to purchase.

Each kit contains 2 Driver Bits, 4 Nylon Washers and 4 Stainless Steel Washers.

Please note that driver bits wear over time, and we expect each of our driver bits to last up to 1000 uses.

Product Code: FPFGDB2

Fasteners 04

Spring-Grip 8mm Hex-head Driver Tool

The Spring-Grip 8mm Hex-head Driver Tool has been designed to work with the fasteners supplied in the DuoSpan bracket boxes. The ‘Spring-Grip’ function aids a faster install by gripping the head of the special non-magnetic srew, holding it on the driver bit.

Product Code: FHD0855

Fasteners 05

Millboard Multi-Spacer 3-6mm

The robust Millboard Multi-spacer is specifically designed to make the installation of Millboard decking both quicker and more accurate. The Millboard Multi-spacer allows board to be consistently placed using any of the four most popular board spacings.

Product Code: FP36P010



35mm Durafix

Installing fascia boards onto Plas-Pro or timber

45mm Durafix

Installing decking boards on to Plas-Pro or DuoSpan

60mm Durafix

Installing decking boards on to wood


Durafix® screws are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface

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