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Introducing DuoSpan® and DuoLift®: engineered for strength and design versatility

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Millboard is thrilled to announce the arrival of two brand-new, frustration-solving products! Inspired by conversations with clients, installers and designers, our team set themselves the brief of creating a superior landscape construction frame and supporting cradle system.

We believe that the result is the most comprehensive solution on the market today, and its design leads to smooth installation every single time, regardless of how complex the overall concept is.

Our first new product, DuoSpan, is a comprehensive subframe system that enables construction of distinctive decks, screening and landscaping structures with ease. Comprised of aluminium beams, aluminium brackets and aluminium/Plas-Pro joists, the system combines lightweight ease of handling, almost perfect straightness, and optimum stability once installed.

DuoSpan also provides exceptional design flexibility, enabling curves, steps, seating, pergolas and planters to be effortlessly added to outdoor spaces. 

DuoSpan_Installation Image 17.JPG

Subframe support that just works

DuoSpan was developed in tandem with Millboard’s new subframe support system, DuoLift.

DuoLift provides firm, structural stability and offers accurate height adjustment. This user-friendly support system makes installation significantly easier and ensures a successful outcome, every time. With its combination of stackable components, not only does the system remove the need to have multiple height pedestals over a single area, but it also allows painless adjustment from 15mm to 60mm within the cradle, and an impressive total elevation capability of 600mm with the maximum combination of locking components.

DuoLift Installation Image 3.tif

DuoSpan and DuoLift work together to provide strength, adaptability, reliability and ease of use. With these two products, there’s simply no guesswork involved.

To find out more, get in contact with us – we’d love to answer your questions.

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