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Millboard awarded the ‘Best wood-look composite decking’

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Millboard Weathered Oak Vintage has recently been crowned the ‘Best Real-Wood Look Composite Decking’ by, an independent review platform designed to give you all you need to know to buy the best products.

Commenting that ‘some of the low-priced composite options can look somewhat unrealistic in their attempts to emulate the visual characteristics of real wood’, Expert Reviews raved about the deep grain and ‘weather-beaten aesthetic’ of Weathered Oak Vintage.

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It’s easy to see why: being moulded from real oak, Millboard decking boards effortlessly replicate the wood grain and patterns. Whilst it looks just like wood, the comparisons to timber stop there as without any timber content at all, there is no protein content to assist algal growth within the boards. The high-grip surface is also highly slip-resistant, making it much safer than wood, especially in the wet. Plus, the clever Lastane surface flexes back over the screws, allowing a near-flawless finish.

MDW200R_Weathered Oak_Embered_MCL360R_Shadow Line Burnt Cedar.jpg

Expert Reviews complimented “If you want all the benefits of composite but also a real-wood finish, you need Weathered Oak Vintage from Millboard.

The realistic weathered oak finish is achieved using 100-year-old real reclaimed oak, resulting in a tough-as-old-boots decking material with a wonderfully deep grain and weather-beaten aesthetic that would fool anyone into thinking it was, indeed, real wood”.

Having been put to test amongst numerous other decking materials and brands, Expert Reviews concluded that when you weigh up the myriad benefits, “it’s worth every penny”.

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