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Our favourite alternative uses

Not only is Millboard decking one of the most realistic wood-look decking boards available on the market today, landscapers and gardeners have long been utilising its versatility and durability to create striking designs. As Millboard decking can be mitred and glued using PU wood adhesive, it makes it very easy to create a seamless masterpiece.

Read on to discover our favourite alternative uses…

Application_Curved Seating_Brentwood-House-Smoked-Oak.jpg

Take a back seat

The perfect spot to perch to enjoy your morning coffee. Seating created from Millboard decking boards will seamlessly blend in with your deck and avoids the pitfalls of having to stain, oil or repaint traditional alternatives such as timber. 


  • Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak decking boards

  • Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Flexible Bullnose Edging

  • Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Fascia board

  • Under-lip decking lighting

MDE176L_Enhanced grain _Limed Oak_Project Imagery_Residential_Terrace with Planter 4.jpg

Coming up roses

Create raised beds, zone your garden or simply use up any offcuts you may have from your project with planters. They offer an attractive alternative to timber or other composite decking solutions that would be affected by the moisture of the soil and frequent watering.

Colour-wise, complement or contrast with your flooring and fill with beautiful grasses, flowers or bulbs to inject some greenery and colour into gardens small or large.


  • On the left - Millboard Enhanced Grain Brushed Basalt decking boards, Millboard Enhanced Grain Brushed Basalt Bullnose Boards

  • On the right - Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak decking boards, Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Bullnose Boards

Millboard London Design Hub_1.jpg

Just add water

Thanks to the waterproof qualities of the boards, a water feature made from Millboard products creates a beautifully modern centrepiece that would not normally be viable with traditional timber. Pictured is the example from our London showroom, which you can visit here. 


  • Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak decking boards for the main framework (sides and back)

  • Smoked Oak Bullnose Board to surround

  • Square Edging to finish the back wall

Application_Furniture, Weathered Oak Embered, Velvet Coaster, Blackpool (3).tif

Table talk

Take a seat at the table with the tops made from decking boards. The non-porous surface makes it much easier to clean small spills, and the Lastane finish is more resistant to scratches compared to harder products.

Also used in commercial environments, spot them at outside dining areas such as Costa Coffee, Pret-A-Manger and KFC to name but a few.


  • Millboard Weathered Oak Embered decking boards

  • Metal table frame

Millboard London Design Hub_21.tif

Pleasing patterns

Get creative with interesting tessellations to add a modern and contemporary flair. Colour variations, shapes and sizes mean the options are endless.

Our favourites are this op-art example, using our fascia boards, or this modern take on the traditional herringbone or chevron pattern.


  • Millboard Brushed Basalt, Limed Oak and Smoked Oak Fascia boards

  • Millboard Weathered Oak Embered, Driftwood and Vintage decking boards

Case Study_Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak (3).jpg

Gate crasher

Millboard’s good-looks aren’t just inspired by wood, installation is too. This makes it straightforward to create items that would normally be made from timber without the associated drawbacks, such as gates, fencing and screening.


  • Millboard Weathered Oak Driftwood decking boards

Case Study_MDE176L_Enhanced grain _Limed Oak_Project Imagery_Pool.jpg

In the swim

Many timber decking options are usually a no-no around a pool, as the slippiness of timber when wet is not worth the risk. The hazard of splinters under foot is also important to consider, making regular sanding a must.

You needn’t compromise on the looks of timber though, as Millboard decking is an ideal alternative. The boards reduce the risk of slipping and will resist fading better than timber. Being completely wood-free, there are no risk of splinters either.


  • Millboard Weathered Oak Vintage decking boards

  • Millboard Vintage Flexible Bullnose Edging

Off the wall

Explore the biophilia trend that is currently booming – it’s been said it can even help with improving your wellbeing – with a living wall made from Millboard decking boards. Purchase low-maintenance preserved moss panels (low maintenance as it does not grow, so doesn’t require trimming or watering!) or alternatively simply use the boards as a backdrop to create a rustic, homespun style.


  • Millboard Weathered Oak Embered decking boards


Want more inspiration? Take a look at our gallery for lots more creative design ideas!

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