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Alternative Uses for Millboard

Millboard decking was brought into the market predominantly as a flooring product and we’ve been overwhelmed by the range of ways that people have used it. Landscapers and gardeners everywhere are discovering that Millboard decking’s versatility and durability makes it very suitable for seating arrangements, planters, gates and eating areas. Why not try out some of these ideas yourself?

MEBF50G_Bullnose Edging_Golden Oak_Project Imagery_Bench and Steps.tif

Planter boxes can make aesthetically pleasing additions to any space. As Millboard is non-porous, any moisture from the soil in the planter will not affect our boards like it does timber.

As Millboard can be mitred and glued using PU wood adhesive, it makes it very easy to create a seamless masterpiece.

Additionally, Millboard can be used to create an all-weather outdoor seating area – perfect for entertaining and relaxing. As the product doesn’t splinter, you’ll have peace of mind that it will be safe for years to come.

MDE176D_Enhanced Grain_Smoked Oak_Project Imagery_Residential Seating Garden.jpg

The introduction of the new bullnose board means that the front of any seat provides more comfort than a conventional square edge.

Millboard decking boards can form a stylish and practical surface for eating areas. The surface is resistant to food and drink stains and there is minimal upkeep associated with the product. An occasional wipe is all that’s needed to keep it clean!

Do you get frustrated with constantly painting your ever-fading timber gates? Millboard is the perfect material for cladding a gate. Its colour-stable coating enables the product to retain its good looks throughout its lifespan.

MDW200R_Weathered Oak_Embered-Weathered_Garden Wall 1.jpg

Whether in a city centre basement apartment or a holiday villa, you can add a touch of luxury to your outdoor area with a feature wall. Millboard can be used to clad a featureless wall, bringing life to the entire area – unlike timber, Millboard doesn’t support algal growth, so the effect will endure beautifully.

Bridges are often constructed in very damp environments, causing wood to rot more quickly than normal. Slip-resistant Millboard can form the walkway of the bridge, providing a safer alternative to timber.

Case Study_MDE176C_Enhanced Grain_Coppered Oak__Project Imagery_Pool 1.jpg

Millboard can also provide a natural look to applications where real wood is not suitable. Being waterproof, it lends itself perfectly to pool surrounds.

So if you’re contemplating investing in a new wooden application for your home, consider our unique moulded composite decking as a low-maintenance, long lasting and safety-enhanced alternative.

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