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The Millboard Composite Decking Story, are you part of it?

The Millboard Composite Decking Story – Last year, we released a video on The Millboard Story. It has since had over 12,000 views, so we take that as positive feedback! Moulded from real oak, Millboard composite decking is the world’s finest wood-free outdoor flooring. Where even the highest quality hardwood can warp, splinter, rot, fade and lose its original appearance and appeal over time, Millboard is designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions.

Millboard Composite Decking Story: You can view the video here and if you like it, then please share with your peers, colleagues and friends!

Creation of unique outdoor landscaping products is in the Millboard genes. Our founder, James Douglass, was the original founder of Stonemarket, now owned by Marshalls. James developed the early use of concrete to create paving slabs with the authentic look of stone but with design and performance features that natural stone could not offer. The current generation of Millboard directors grew up accompanying their father to reclaim yards to spend hours selecting the perfect stone on which to base new paving products.

After the sale of Stonemarket to Marshalls, the family applied the same philosophy to timber decking. Recognising the inherent weaknesses of timber decking that accompanied the beauty of natural wood, they set about creating a decking material that would capture the visual appeal of natural wood, yet boast performance and maintenance benefits that wood could not match. After years of exploration and development, the Millboard product was launched, and is today recognised as the premium non-wood decking on the market.

Still a family-run business, infused with a personal pride in maintaining the quality and exclusiveness of the unique product range, Millboard is the fruit of two generations of innovation and attention to detail. Now distributed throughout the UK and across the world, thousands of properties have been enhanced with the beauty and practicality of Millboard.

The Millboard story lives on.

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