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The Millboard guide to colour

Moulded from selected oak boards for a textured look and feel, the Millboard decking collection accurately recreates the subtle nuances of natural wood and showcases their organic patinas.

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How does Millboard decking look so much like real wood?

Firstly, to replicate the wood-look, each board is moulded from specially-selected oak masters, allowing us to imitate the beautiful grains, textures and patterns found in timber.

The boards are also hand-coloured at our Warwickshire factory to mimic the unique colours and tones found in every single piece of timber. The stunning grain patterns magically elevate the colour to look lighter or darker, depending on the angle you are viewing the board.

Like wood, no two Millboard decking boards are the same colour, with the subtle differences giving the most natural appearance. This is to give your decking all the good looks of a timber deck, but all the benefits of a composite deck.


"To create a natural-looking deck, lay the boards out first to mix up the grain patterns."

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Colour combinations

Millboard decking lends itself perfectly to mix and match different colours. Consider choosing an alternating edging piece to signify a step or add interest to your deck, or create additional furniture – such as benches, planters or tabletops in a complementary colour – to add interest to your garden or project.

The neutral tones of Smoked Oak, Limed Oak and Driftwood pair beautifully with the other colours in the range.

"Create furniture in a complementing colour to add interest to your garden or project."

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Choosing the right colour

With nine beautiful colours and two main textures to choose from, we know it can be tricky to decide on a colour! It may sound obvious, but first, think about where your deck will be laid.

If you’re going for a deck that sits against your house, what is the colour and texture of your wall covering? Whether it is brick, render or cladding, the trick here is to choose a shade that complements your existing scheme, rather than one that is either to similar or jars against it. Consider the colour of your window frames and interior style to ensure a cohesive look.

For a modern, clean theme, Burnt Cedar, Brushed Basalt and Embered work well. These colours perfectly complement modern off-white renders, anthracite window frames and minimalist interiors.

For a traditional feel, Vintage, Antique Oak, Coppered Oak and Golden Oak look beautiful. These colours are all reminiscent of traditional, unpainted timber, so match well to both modern and traditional schemes, from a country cottage to a modern new build.

For a relaxed look, the sea-washed timber appearance of Driftwood or the cool, elegant grey tones of Smoked Oak works perfectly, complementing many other shades and styles of garden. The deep, burnt-sienna hues of Jarrah also work well to add a hint of colour and to warm up a garden scheme.


For inspiration, take a look at our Design Ideas Gallery, or search the #MillboardFlooring hashtag on social media to see what strikes your interest.

Explore our Inspiration page to see how realistic Millboard decking looks, or order a sample to see for yourself!

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