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What is Millboard made of?

Last month, we looked at one of our most frequently asked questions, ‘what is Millboard made of?’. Following the success of that piece, we decided on a sequel: ‘How is Millboard decking made?’

It surprises many to learn that every single board of Millboard decking is produced in-house, at our factory in Ryton, Warwickshire.

We use real timbers to create moulds for our collections and each ‘master’ board is hand selected by our Managing Director, Jerry Douglas. His attention to detail is key to the look of the finished product. He sifts through hundreds of specimens until he finds a piece of sufficient length with an outstanding combination of characterful grain and distinctive knot patterns.

Once the timber masters have been curated, we focus on bringing the boards to life. From the initial laying of the unique Lastane surface, right through to the pouring of fibre-reinforced resin-mineral filler, we focus on achieving the finest quality of finish. Our respect for authenticity permeates every detail and this is why many of our processes are carried out by hand.

For example, once the boards have set in their moulds, our craftsmen hand-colour each individual piece to create an authentic wood finish. We know that deploying technology for some procedures can be beneficial but we have great respect for the skilled eye of an artist and are therefore committed to the hand-colouring system. The resulting true-to-life shades speak for themselves.

So, you can see that every step of the journey is characterised by accuracy and artisan methods. Our vision was to replicate the authentic beauty of natural wood in a material that outperforms wood in functionality and durability. This underpins our ongoing creation of the ultimate decking material.

Contact us today for a free sample to physically feel the grain and to view the expertly applied colouring for yourself!


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