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Board & Batten+

The Board & Batten+ composite siding profile is molded from real oak masters with different widths and grain patterns, creating a unique balance for both contemporary and traditional designs. The tongue and groove profile that only requires fastening through the tongue, ensuring the screws are hidden.

Increased thermal performance

The unique composition enhances thermal performance

Fire rated system

Certified to a Euroclass D rating by a UKAS accredited laboratory

Hand molded & colored

Skillfully hand-crafted to ensure a high quality, premium product

Natural wood look

Molded from selected oak for an organic, realistic wood-grain appearance

Integrated UV stabilizers

UV stabilized for better performance and fade resistance overtime

Wood free

Wood free composition prevents rot, warping and insect infestation

Impact & weather resistant

Elastomeric surface ensures increased resilience against natural weathering

Moisture resistant

Due to the non-porous composition, no sealing is required

Smoked Oak
Weight per m2 (kg)
Weight per ft2 (lb)
2.2 lb
Dimensions (mm)
200 x 26 x 3600mm
Dimensions (inches)
7-7/8" x 1" x 142"
Screws per board
Boards per m2
Boards per ft2


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Frequently asked questions

    Envello siding is extremely versatile and can be used for most low-level siding areas (subject to building control). It can be used for siding on low-level residential and commercial buildings, garden rooms, home offices, furniture, soffits and fascia, outdoor kitchens and more. Envello can be used as the decorative face for most outdoor designs, as long as it is fixed to a structural element. All areas subject to the relevant government or state codes/regulations/building standards.

    Our Shadow Line+ and Board & Batten+ siding boards have been tested to BS EN 13501-1 and have a classification of D-s3, d0.

    The responsibility for the siding’s suitability in the required location is to be determined by a certified building professional (code official, building insurance, fire officer, etc). Millboard will not be held responsible for incorrect specification, application, or product installation in areas not in accordance with government and state guidance. Current guidance should be gained from the government or state website relating to the geographical project location.

    There will always be a slight variance in the board’s dimensions due to the fact that we mold from natural oak, and due to the pressure of the molding process. Despite this, we calibrate the boards to maintain as consistent a profile as possible. The manufacturing tolerances are: Width: ± 1/8"" (3mm). Length: ± 3/16"" (5mm). Thickness: ± 1/16"" (2mm). 
    When working with the boards, a level may be required to help keep the boards running upright or level. In order to achieve straight and consistent 1/4"" (5-6mm) gapping between the shadow Line+ boards, it may be necessary to use our Millboard Multi-Spacers during the installation process.

    From what to expect when you first unpack your Millboard, to aftercare tips and answers to all of your most common questions. Visit our FAQs page now for all of your Millboard related queries.

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