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hazeltine golf club member patio

Installation of Millboard decking and features on the new member patio  

The Project

Hazeltine National Golf Club, known for its distinguished golfing heritage and prestigious national championships, including the 2016 Ryder Cup, sought to enhance its amenities with a new member patio designed to enrich the member experience. Tasked with linking the outdoor and indoor environments seamlessly, the design integrated Millboard products for their functionality and aesthetic qualities. This project was pivotal as Hazeltine prepares to host the Ryder Cup again in 2028, marking it as a historic repeat venue.

Project Location

Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, MN


Led by Shea Design with input from Hazeltine's General Manager, Phil Anderson, and designer Jordan Brookens

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Design and Material Selection

Led by Shea Design with input from Hazeltine's General Manager, Phil Anderson, and designer Jordan Brookens, the choice of Millboard was influenced by prior positive experiences with the material's durability and visual appeal. The project team visited several installations and consulted extensively to ensure the suitability of Millboard for high-traffic areas, especially concerning the resistance of its surface to abrasions from golf cleats.


Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge was the integration of a durable, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing material that could handle the unique demands of a golf club environment. Millboard's ability to resist water and pest damage made it ideal for the patio's ground-level installation. The innovative use of Plas-Pro subframes provided a sturdy, non-warping base beneath the deck boards, suitable for the gravel substrate of the patio.

Case Study_Hazeltine National Gold Course_Outlive_USA_Coppered Oak_64.JPG


Millboard was used innovatively across various features of the patio. The decking was used to frame the patio pavers and create cohesive transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, Millboard was crafted into booth-like seating aligned with outdoor tables and bespoke planters that enhanced the patio's functionality and visual appeal.


Outcomes and Stakeholder Feedback

The installation of Millboard greatly exceeded expectations, aligning perfectly with the aesthetic and functional standards of Hazeltine National Golf Club. The material's performance in durability and maintenance was particularly appreciated, contributing to a sophisticated finish that enhanced the overall member experience. Feedback from stakeholders, including Hazeltine's General Manager, Phil Anderson, highlighted the transformative impact of Millboard, noting that it brought a new level of finish that was "simply amazing."

Case Study_Hazeltine National Gold Course_Outlive_USA_Coppered Oak_57.JPG


The Hazeltine National Golf Club Member Patio project stands as a testament to the versatility and excellence of Millboard products in high-demand environments. By meeting the design and durability requirements of a premier golf club, Millboard has solidified its reputation as a top choice for luxury and performance in outdoor architectural applications.

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